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Monday, September 17, 2012

Accessories Week

Welcome to a new week! Hope you had a great weekend. Fashion Week is officially over and I'm sure there are lots of exhausted feet enjoying some down time. It's just beginning for me...I leave for New York this morning for the accessories shows. Many designers preview their shows in their showrooms, where you can focus on each piece and really understand the inspiration behind each collection. With half a dozen appointments and two shows {in 3 days!!}, I'm ready to run! I just started using Instagram, so I'm excited to take some nice snapshots of my favorite moments.

Have a wonderful week!

Behind the Scenes- Chanel Paris-Bombay on The Coveteur


Punctuation Mark said...

Take tons of pics... And have fun!!!

The Style Schedule said...

That's exciting! Can't wait to see more -- ps: is it too much if I have one of everything in the top image? :)x

The Clothierin said...

I'm already curious to see!!! :)
I'm following you via bloglovin' now. I'm 10.
I hope you would like my blog too ;P

Greetings from Berlin

Valeria said...

You should be back home, Neda...can't wait to see what you've found!!! xoxo

LWP said...

I need to follow you immediately!

Tegan said...

Soooo gorgeous!!

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