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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On My Radar...My Favorite Supermodel

The other day I was thinking...who do young girls idolize nowadays? I'm totally out of touch with that age group, I guess. I was in my teens during the "supermodel era" and I worshiped Christy Turlington. She was my favorite and I had this exact photo on my wall next to a bunch of other pictures {mostly all from Vogue}. 

I'm so curious, did you have any models/celebrities/artists/musicians posters on your wall growing up?



Helen@thestyleschedule said...

Oh stop it... she's MY favourite! LOL... look at the colour of her eyes and skin and those lips! Gorgeous.
I had a poster of James Dean behind the door at one stage... am not going any further back on the grounds that it might incriminate me! Hhaha..:)x

Lonely Wife Project said...

I kid you not I was obsessed with Christy Turlington. Still am actually. She's such a beauty!

Neda said...

So funny, you guys. She's still my favorite too...gorgeous and such an amazing woman with all of her humanitarian work and business ventures.

Valeria said...

I do like her a lot!!!! She has an incredible style...I've seen her in NYc with her kids and she's even more beautiful in person...xoxo

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